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Sreemathey Ramanujaya namaha
Sreemadh Varavara Munaye Namaha
Sree Venkata Gurave Namaha

Respected Bhagavatha Bandhus,

We are all aware of Swamy Ramanuja and swamy's contributions towards our sampradhyam. Not only Swami was a saint, but he was a teacher, author, social reformer, a sada acharyan and lived the way, as it has to be, He is a Yuga Purusha, whom Time and Mankind cannot forget. Swamy incarnated and achieved many things, which even Emperumaan could not achieve in his Vibhava Avatharams

Below is the summary of the titles swamy was graced upon

1) "Illaiazhwar"/ is the name given by his maternal uncle Periya Thirmalai Nambi which means Laxmanan @ the time of birth.

2) "Boodhapureesar"/ is the title given by Adhi Kesava Perumal of Sri Perumbudoor 9which means lord of Bhoota puri

3)"Aam Ivan Mudhalvan"/ is the title given by Aalavandhar (when Aalavandhar recognized Swamy Ramanuja is none other than Bavishyat Acharyan which was held in aaradhanai by all poorvacharyas

4)" Yatirajar" & "Ramanuja Muni"/ is the titile given by Lord Varadarajan, while Swami accepted "sanyasa ashrama"

5)"Udayavar"/ is the title given by Periya Perumal (Lord Ranganatha) when the Lord handed over the power of granting moksha to Swami Ramanuja

6)"Thiruppavai Jeeyar"/ is the title given by Periya Nambi (one of 5 acharyas) on seeing the devotion swamy Ramanuja had on "Thiruppavai"

7)"Lakshmana Muni"/ is the title given by Thiru Aranga Perumal Aarayar (1 of 5 acharyas)

"Sadagopan Ponnadi"/ is the title given by Thirumaalai Aandan (1 of 5 acharyas) which meant the lotus feet of Sadagopan/Nammazhwar ( Swamy Ramanuja had much devotion on Nammalwar and his Thiruvaimozhi, that Swamy Ramanuja is considered as the divya padhukas of Nammalwar as he is Maaranadi Panidhu Uyindhavan (it is significant to note, that the lines of this verses from Ramanuja Nootriandhi is to be chanted without a pause) & foster mother of Thiruvaimozhi

9)"Sri Bashyakarar/ is the titile given by Saraswathi Devi, celebrating the "Sri Bashyam" of Swamy Ramanuja

10)"Desikendran"/ is the title given by Thiruvengadamudayan (Lord Srinivasan) for swamy's matchelss Kainkaryams which includes

a) It was Swamy Ramanuja who restored the Sangu & Chakra, to the lord of seven hills @ Tirumala, previously when they are given by the lord to the King Thondaiman Chakravarthy. And people started believing the lord on the hills was Shiva/Skanda/Durga, it is the unmatchable kainkaryam of swamy, that we Sri Vaishnavas have the lord @ Tirumala. today. That is why we sing the Kattiyam of Ramanuja as “Appanukku Sanghu Aazhi Allitha Perumal”

b)To execute the verses of Nammalwar “Sindhu Poo Magizhum Thiruvengadam”. Swamy Ramanuja sent one of his sishyas Ananthalwan Pillai to establish a Nanadhavanam @ Tirumala, one can even see the Nandhavanam (garden) today there named “Ramanuja Nandhavanam”, which also holds in it the Thiruvarasu (brindavanam) of Swamy Ananthalwan Pillai.

c)It was Swami who laid down the regulations to be followed in executing kainkaryms to Thiruvengadamudayan like Friday thirumanjanam,(recital of Nacchiyar Thirumozhi during the thirumanjanm) Thomala Sevai & appointed Peria Kelvi Appan Jeeyar of Tirumala to supervise the same.

d)Even today one can see Swami Ramanuja’s vigraham in Tirumala with Upadesa/Gyana Mudra because Swami here is acharyan to Thiruvengadamudayan himself

11)"Koil Annan"/ is the title given by Goda devi/Aandal, as she called him elder brother because Andal had a desire to offer 100 tada (containers) of butter & 100 tada (containers) "akkaravadisal" to Thirumaliruncholai Emperumaan which she expressed through her 'Naachiyar Thirumozhi"

Swamy Ramanuja fulfilled this her desire and offered 100 tada butter and akkaravadisal to that Emperumaan, after this when Swami Ramanuja arrived at SriVilliputthur, Andal came out of her archa avathara sammadhi, and called him "Anna" (my elder brother). And even today as a mark of that incident, Sri Andal inn Sri Villiputthur remains in the same place (in front of the sanctum sanctorum) & not inside as it would be usually.

Just like a elder brother who would fulfill the desire of a younger sister, Swamy Ramanuja also fulfulled the desire of his sister andal thus earning him the title "Koil Annan", and even today we sing in the vazhi thirunamam of andal as "Perumpudhur Mamunikki Pin Aanaal Vazhiye!

Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiurvadi! (only way for spiritual upliftment is to take refuge in Yathiraja Padhuka)

Attaching is A very rare pic of udayavar @ Sri Perumbudhur

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan

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