Monday, 27 May 2013


Sreemathey Ramanaujaya Namaha
Sreemadh Varava Munaye Namaha
Sree Venkata Gurave Namaha'

Oh Lord! you are beyond comprehension, you are the material, cause and effect of this universe.

You are the 5 qualities in the earth, i,e
rasa, rupa, sparsa, sabhda & gandham (taste, sight, touch, sound and smell)

You are the 4 qualities in Water, ie,
rasa,rupa,sparsa, sabhda (taste, sight, touch & sound)

You are the3 qualities in Fire, i,e
sabdha, sparsa & rupa (sound, touch & sight)

You are the 2 qualities in Air, i,e
sabdha & sparsa (sound & touch)

You are the single quality in ether i,e
Shabdham (sound)

You are of different qualities in Pancha boothas, Thus you pervade, everywhere, & in anything, Who can understand you?

-- Thiruchanda Viruttham

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan

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