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Sreemathey Ramanujaya Namaha
Sreemadh Varvara Munaye Namaha
Sree Venkata Gurave Namaha

Respected Bhagavatha Bandhus,
Swamy Ramanuja has got a title “PANCHA ACHARYA PADASHRAYAR” which means one who took refugee in the lotus feet of 5 acharyas. The first and foremost being his maternal uncle “PERIYA THIRUMALAI NAMBI”, who named swamy as “Ilaiazhwar” which means Lakshmana

This article highlights a few incidents from the life of “Periya Thirumalaia Nambi”, which shows the greatness of this acharya whose thirunakshtram is celebrated today “Vaikasi Swathi”
This acharya was in the tireless service of “Thiruvengadamudayan” of Tirumala, the Lord was so pleased, with the kainkaryams that he fondly called him “Appa” meaning Father in tamil.

Bramha was born from the Nabhi Kamlam of Sriman Narayanan and in relation the lord becomes “Father” to Bramha, since the Lord himself called “Thirumalai Nambi” as father, this acharya becomes “Grand Father” to Bramha himself.

The acharya taught the meanings of Sri Valmiki Ramayanam to Swamy Ramanuja. For those who ask “what is so special about it?” the answer comes pat. Thirumalai Nambi was involved in the theertha Kainkaryam of the lord, and used bring water from Aakasha Ganga for nithya aaradhanam. Swamy Ramanuja choose to “Tirupathi” as destination for learning the meaning of Ramanyana.

Thirumalai Nambi used to perform and finish “Theertha Kainkaryam” ‘to the lord at Tirumala and would come down to Tirupathi to impart the meanings of Ramayana to Swamy Ramanuja, and in the evening would again climb back to Tirumala, next day again after finishing “Theertha Kainkaryam” would travel down to Tirupathi, like this he continued teaching not for days,weeks,months, but for a whole year.
Just imagine how much pains this acharya had taken to impart knowledge to his sishya!

Periya Thirumalai Nambi was instrumental in bringing back Govindhar again into the path of Sampradhyam, when Govindhar was guided to Saiva Sampradhayam by Yadava Prakasar
“Parasparam Neecha Bhavam Sri Vaishnava Lakshanam “is a liner, which explains one of the characteristics of a Sri Vaishnava, that we must think that we are the lowliest of all, we should shed all the 3 egos which comes to us1) by our birth being in a rich or pious family 2) by our education or qualification 3) by our fortunes or prosperity/wealth no room for ahankaram.

When Swamy Ramanuja, visited Thirumala once, Periya Thirumalai Nambi, came to welcome Swamy near Kali gopuram, along with prasadams & mariyadhai, Swamy Ramanuja said “Why did devareer, at this age come, down all the way, is it not enough, to send some small person or boy, why did devareer strain?” Periya Thirumalai Nambi said ” Adiyen went in search of such person, in all the maada veedhis of Thirumala, but could not find any other person, lowlier than me, that is why adiyen came swamy” (who other than Periya Tirumalai Nambi can say these words, we always boast of our education and designation we hold, and also about our children, & want publicity known even to our relatives, can we ever imagine to stand in front of Periya Thirumalai Nambi) who was so humble.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan

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