Monday, 27 May 2013


Sreemathey Ramanaujaya Namaha
Sreemadh Varavara Munaye Namaha
Sree Venkata Gurave Namaha

" Jihve keertheya Kesavam, Muraripum Chetho! Bajha Sridharam Panidhavanthva samarchayachuthakat haha strotravaya thavam srunu krishnam lokya lochana thvya! Hareer kacchangriyumalayam Jikra krana! Mukundha pada tulasim moordhan! namadhoshajam"


Come O! tounge, sing the glory of Kesavan O soul,! think Upon the glory of kannan Emperumaan who killed the demon Murasura!.

The purpose of our arms is to do archana to Thirumaal Our ears are being given to us only to hear the glory of Sri Krishan, who never lets down his devotees!

O Eyes, see his beauty, divinity, his eyes filled with compassion towards all jeeva rasis.

Limbs are given to take our body to his temple.

Our nose is given to have the fragnance of Tulasi, which is kept at his feet And with our head, we should bow to his lotus feet

According to azhwars, all the five senses and other parts of the body are given by the lord, for us to make use of it to realize him, Do we use them for that? We have to ask our consciousness.

We do make use all of them for other purposes apart from this. Such is our ignorance. Let us all give a thought to this.........

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan

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