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Sreemathey Ramanujaya Namaha
Sreemadh Varavara Munaye Namah
Sree Venkata Gurave Namaha

Respected Bhagavtha Bandhus,

In this article let us see the importance of number 18. For some 18 denotes the age 18, where in the childhood disappears and the adulthood appears, and legally, we get our voting rights from the age of 18, and people expect us to make wise decisions. This is all loukikam.

But our sampradaya has something different to sa

y on the no 18 let us see:

A) The puranas are 18 in number they are

1 Vishnu Purana

The Vishnu Purana has been known as the `Puranaratna` meaning gem of Puranas.

2 Naradiya Purana

This ancient book is written in a form of narration. Narada narrates to Sanatkumara the dharmas of Brhatkalpa.

3 Padma Purana

The Padma Purana houses the major sections named as the Srishti Khanda (Book of the Universe), Bhumi Khanda (Book of the Earth), and many more.

4 Garuda Purana

This Purana is generally read by the Hindus of India during the cremation of dead bodies.

5 Varaha Purana

In this Purana, Varaha, the third incarnation of Vishnu narrates the story about holy places and mantras.

6 Bhagavata Purana

Stories of devotees, the various avatars of Krishna or Vishnu are described in the earlier section of the Purana.

7 Brahmanda Purana

The different sections of the Purana cover the comprehensive description of the creation of cosmos, discussion about the time as a dimension and the details of Kalpa and Yuga.

8 Brahmavaivarta Purana

The Brahmavaivarta contains eighteen thousand verses and is regarded as holy.

9 Markandeya Purana

The beginning of the Markandeya Purana is from the mouth of Jaimini asking four questions to Markandeya.

10 Bhavishya Purana

There are certain portions on the text, which has been drawn from the law book of Manu.

11 Vamana Purana

The Vamana Purana boasts ten characteristics apparently- Sarg, Visarg, Sthaan, Poshan, Uti, Vritti, Raksha, Manvantara, Vansh and Upaashraya.

12 Brahma Purana

It is believed that if this Purana along with Jaladhenu is gifted in the month of Vaisakha (May), the donor will attain heaven.

13 Matsya Purana

The first and the oldest of the all the Puranas, Hindu scriptures and texts, is the Matsya Purana.

14 Kurma Purana

Kurmamurti (incarnation of Vishnu as Kurma or tortoise) taught this Purana while narrating the story of Indradyumna at Patala.

15 Linga Purana

The prominence of Lord Vishnu, and the emergence of Brahma as the creator of cosmos are described in this Purana.

16 Shiva Purana

Actually it contains the instructions of Shiva to Dharma sitting in the form of `linga` or `Phallus`.

17 Skanda Purana

The popular stories that are contained in the Skanda Purana are, the yagna (sacrifice) of Prajapati Daksha, the churning of ocean and many more.

18 Agni Purana

In this Purana there are a number of verses dealing with cosmology, history, warfare, law, medicine, martial art, and a lot more.

B) The Mahabaratha is divided into 18 parvas

C) The Bhagavath Geetha given by Kannan Emperumaan has 18 chapters

D) Sarvadharman Parityajya Mam Ekam Saranam Vraja |

Aham tva Sarva Papebhyo Mokshayishyami Masuchaha
the charma sloka is given to us by kannan emperumaan only in the 18th chapter of Bhagavath Geetha

D) The Kurukshetra war was fought for 18 days


1 Mumukshupadi (Thirumantram, Dwayam and Charamaslokam):

2 thatthava thryam
3 Artha panchakam
4 Sri Vachana Booshanam
5 Archiradhi
6 Premeya shekaram
7 Prapannaa Paritranam
8 Sarasangraham:
9 Samsara samrajyam:
10 Nava ratna malai:
11 Nava vidha sambandham:
12 Yadrichchika padi:
13 Parandha padi
14 Sriya: pathi: padi
15 Thathuva Shekaram
16 Thani dhwayam
17 Thanicharamam
18 Thanipranavam

F) Kripa matra prassanacharya Swami Ramanuja walked 18 times to Thirukoshityur to get Thirumantrartham from Thirukoshtiyur Nambi

All acharyas before Ramanuja were called anuvritti prasanna acharya i.e. one who imparts knowledge to sishyas who have passed all the criteria in terms of basic knowledge, anushtana, perseverence etc. But Ramanuja broke this chain (oraNvazhi) and introduced a simple criterion – ” Desire to know”. (This was a boon to people like us) Hence he was the first one to be hailed as Kripa mAtra prasanna acharya. Manavala Mamunigal in Upadesa Rattina malai – “Asai udayorkkellam AriyarkAl kUrumenru pEsi varambaruttAr pin”

G) Every time when Swamy Ramanuja walked to Thirukoshtiyoor to get Thirumanthartham from Nambi, Nambi wouldn’t send swamy empty handed,every time he gave priceless messages, which are also 18 in number, they are as follows:

1) A soul intrested in Moksham, must shun away from Samsara

2)Shunning away from samsara, will also drive away ahankarm and mamkaram

3)Once Ahankaram and Mamakaram leaves deha abhimanam will also leave

4)Once Deha Abhimanam leaves Athma Gyanam will be born

5)Birth of Athma Gyanam leads to hatred towards Aishwarya Bhogam

6)Dislike towards Aishwarya bhogam leads to love towards Emperumaan

7)Love towards Emperumaan will keep us away from other subjects

8)Shunning away from other subjects leads to Parathan threeya Gyanam

9)Birth of Parathan threeya Gyanam leads to departure of Artha, Kama, Raga & Dweshas

10)Departure of Artha, Kama, Raga & Dweshas leads to Sri Vaishnavisim

11) Once we come into the fold of Sri Vaishnavisim, we will get into Satsangam

12)On getting Satsangam, we will have Bhaagavatha Sammandahm

13)Bhaagavatha Sammandham leads to Bhagavat Sammandham

14)Bhagavat sammandham makes us to avoid other subjects

15)Avoiding other subjects leads us to be Adiyars to Emperumaan

16)Being Adiyars, we take refuge only in HIM

17)One who takes refuge only in Emperumaan is eligible for THIRUMANTHRARTHAM

18)Thus the soul accomplishes in knowing THIRUMANTHRARTHAM

H) Advaitha proponent named Yagna Murthy was defeated in Tarkha vadham (debate) by our Yethiraja Mamuni on the 18th day due to the grace of Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal and was bought into the sri vaishnavisim fold naming him ARULALA PERUMAL EMBERUMAANAR who was given the kainkaryam of doing Thiruvaradhanam to the aaradhna perumal of swamy Ramanuja

I) When Sri Ramanuja was going round the main streets of Thirukoshtiyur one day reciting the 18th Thiruppavai verse, he went near,Thirukoshtiyur Nambi’s house and when he recited the concluding portion “Vandhu thiravai “, Nambi’s daughter opened it to offer Bhiksha and the saint fell at her feet as he was so obsorbed in the pasuram, he felt andal nachiyaar standing before him, this earned him the title “Thiruppavai Jeeyar”
J) They are 18 Steps at Azhagar Koil

Once there was an attempt to take away the idol of KallAzhagar. A priest at this temple put together a team and captured the 18 men who had come there to steal the idol. These 18 men were so lured by the beauty of Azhagar that they prayed to the Lord and requested that they stay here for ever. It is believed that each of these 18 men have taken a step each and now reside in the 18 steps of the temple at the main Eastern entrance.

K)One has to climb 18 steps to reach Adi Kesavan Sannadhi of THIRUVATTARU DIVYA DESAM TEMPLE

I) To remark the tireless efforts of Swami Ramanuja’s walk to Thirukkoshtiyor, even today on Panguni Utthiram Day, Namperumal is given 18

argyas, 18 padyas and all aradhana kramams 18 times (kindly correct me if adiyen is wrong)

So adiyars, the all above are the importance of no 18 in our sampradayam. Adiyen would like to know your valuable comments.

If there is any mistake, kindly apologize, this is purely due to my ignorance



Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Geetha Vasudevan

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